These Are Two Factors That Distinguish Condominium And Apartments

At first glance, if we look at a condo and apartment it is the same. In fact, these two things are two different things. One of the right condos that you can choose is Parc Clematis. Located in a strategic location and able to be reached by many people, Parc Clematis is one of the condominiums that are right to be occupied or even used as an investment.

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For the difference between the condo and the apartment itself, there are several factors that distinguish it. Some of the factors referred to here are

– Management system
A condo is equipped with furniture, so you don’t have to bother to think about what type of furniture or furniture is suitable for your life. You only need to buy the condo unit, but it is equipped with all the needs in it, and of course with the luxury standard, friend.
As for apartments, you only buy an empty unit, so you have to fill the furniture with your own furniture. But on the other hand, there are also benefits, friend, fortunately, you can adjust what type of furniture you want according to your wants and needs. If in your condo you may not choose furniture as you wish but must follow the standards of the management.

– Another financing
Usually, condominiums have other free maintenance. Another maintenance in question is already free of any maintenance costs that are in your occupancy because it is a facility that has been provided by the manager and the price has also been calculated at the time of the initial residential purchase. You only have to pay once.
As for apartments, you will usually be charged a fee for any repairs that are made or done at your residence. Because indeed the initial purchase price of your occupancy does not include the price of repairing existing facilities in your residence. The cost of security, cleaning, water, electricity and other services that are routine will be billed to you.