Choosing a washing machine based on the type of tube

Based on the number of tubes, the washing machine is divided into two types, namely the two-tube washing machine is operated semi-automatically (semi-automatic), and one tube washing machine is generally operated automatically (fully automatic). On the other hand, if your business has to deal with tons of laundries every day, we recommend you to use the lavanderia industrial washing machine.


Details of the differences are as follows: Two-tube washing machine This type of washing machine is a popular washing machine because the price is relatively cheaper and the electricity is lower. This type of washing machine has two tubes with two different functions. The first tube (on the left) functions to wash and rinse clothes, while the second tube (on the right) functions to dry clothes. Because you need to move clothes from the first tube to the second tube (semi-automatic), the operation is less practical than a one-tube washing machine. One-tube washing machine This type of washing machine is more practical when compared to two-tube washing machines.

Because the washing process and the drying process take place in the same tube, you don’t have to bother moving clothes. All processes take place automatically. However, the price of this type of washing machine is relatively more expensive. When going to choose one tube washing machine, maybe you will be confused to choose the type of front loading or top loading. In conclusion, the type of front-loading is suitable for those of you who prefer a washing machine with a good drying function. While the top loading type is suitable for those of you who need a washing machine that can wash more effectively. For example, if you are a person who is busy every day so there is no time to hang out outside, then you should choose the type of front-loading that is superior from the drying side. However, for families with small children, especially those whose clothes are often dirty, we recommend you choose the top loading type that is superior in terms of cleaning clothes stains.

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