Know how to select the right home contractor

We recommend that you choose a contractor who is a legal entity, has a real office, and an official permit. So the first step is to ask and check the legality of the contractor. The reputation of a contracted legal entity is also easily traceable from the work that has been handled. In the meantime, you may check out the trusted company which provides license bond for contractors as well.


Check work results

A safe way to assess the work of contractors is to go directly to the location they have built. Don’t easily believe the story or photos of the buildings offered. So, take the time to examine the results of the contractor’s work.

Many recommend

Those who are satisfied with the contractor’s work must not hesitate to give recommendations. It’s good to gather as much information as you can about the contractor’s football.

Know who is involved

The contractor may not be able to work alone. Most likely he will involve other parties for certain jobs such as home interiors, kitchens, and so on. It’s good to know who the contractor is working with.


The specialization here means that the contractor is used to working on what type of building. For example, if you intend to build a minimalist style house, it is recommended to choose a contractor who is an expert in the style building. Another case if you intend to build a gothic style house, look for a contractor who specializes in the building.

Willing to be bound by the contract

A professional contractor will usually make a work contract. The contents of the work contract are the result of deliberations between the homeowner and the contractor.

In order to easily measure it, try to make the contract in detail, detailed, complete, and certainly beneficial to both parties. In addition, the contract also clearly states when construction begins, the scope of costs, types of material, and stages of payment.

One more thing, the warranty from the contractor must also be included in the employment contract. Do not forget to put stamp duty so that the legal force is more effective.

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