Meet the needs of the elderly with some of these tips

The elderly have different needs from young people. Because there are usually many of their needs that must be met compared to the needs of young people. One of the needs of the elderly that must always be fulfilled is clothing. Usually, they will need adaptive clothing for seniors to suit their needs.


In addition to meeting their needs around the right clothes, there are several other tips that you should know when living with the elderly. Some of the tips in question are

1. Make sure the floor is dry and not slippery
Always pay attention to the floor in our home, especially those in the bathroom. Older people who have nobody balance like we are young. They fall easily and once they fall sometimes can be very fatal.
Of course, we don’t want this to happen to our parents right? Therefore always make sure the floor is dry and not slippery for the safety of our elderly parents.

2. Pay attention to their food and drink
An old person, like a baby child. They may not eat or drink carelessly like we are young. Pay attention to any foods that are abstained, also check their medical history. Do not let us give them food that can trigger disease, such as giving nuts to elderly people who suffer from gout.

3. Give them activity
The biggest problem experienced by retirees or elderly parents who have not worked is post power syndrome. Which means they will feel paralyzed and confused because there is nothing else they can do and make them active after no longer serving.
This condition, if it lasts long can make parents become senile even sick. Therefore to overcome this, give our parents busy. If they like to read books, take them to bookstores and give them books they enjoy.

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