You need to know these places when you visit Mecca

Jeddah Tower is indeed better known as Kingdom Tower and as the tallest building in the world, this skyscraper will have several office and hotel spaces in the near future. In the meantime, perhaps you also need to check out a course center to learn quranic arabic in urdu, so you can understand the Quran and speak Arabic better.

The design of this tall tower or building is really done carefully to make its security maintained, especially from the wind pressure and capacity of the building itself. This beautiful circular sky terrace is also owned by this building where the floor is made of glass so that the people there are automatically able to see the red sea.

Jabal al-Lawz

Jabal al-Lawz tourism should not be missed by nature and mountain lovers. The tourist object in the form of a mountain is 2,580 meters above sea level if it is in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. The mountain which will present a variety of beautiful and unique flora and fauna means almond mountain.

If you want something more challenging than just watching a variety of natural beauty, trekking is an activity that makes your experience increase in this arena that will add to your adrenaline on your tour.

Stone Carving Site

Places with high historical value in Saudi Arabia about stone carvings are in 2 places, namely Shuwaymus and Jubba. Both of these attractions are known as rock archaeological sites with carvings.

All carvings that can be seen on these rocks are depictions of how ancient humans survived and spent their time. All evidence will be found in the engraved images so that many tourists are attracted to Saudi Arabia for the sake of carving the stone.

Dumat Al-Jandal

Like a tower, this giant fort called Dumat Al-Jandal can be found if tourists try to play at the Jawf Al supervision. In ancient times, people who occupied this area were respected people.

For those of you who want to see unique architectural buildings with a great history behind the construction, this one site is good to consider even though this place looks dry with buildings and all the corners of the walls made of brick and mud.