Routinely Skipping? Some of these Good Impacts Are Sure You Have Feel

As a child, you certainly have done skipping, either because it’s just fad or because you have a specific purpose. Skipping is indeed a sport that can be done by all people from various aspects of age. Many of them do it for certain purposes. However, to do this, you really need the right skipping rope, you can get it by visiting There you will get good quality skipping ropes.


If you do skipping when you are young you still continue until you are an adult, then, Congratulations. This means that you unconsciously have done something good for your body. Skipping that you have done since young can bring some of this good impact.

– Beneficial for the Brain and Nervous System
This benefit can be obtained if you do variations in jump rope. For example, cross or cross leg movements when jumping rope. This movement is quite difficult to do but can have a good impact because it requires coordination of motion so that the muscles become highly trained.

– Slimmer Stomach
Although simple, in fact, the sport of jumping rope can provide quite a lot of benefits. In addition to legs, the routine jumping rope will also have an impact on the arms and abdomen. When jumping, the hand will actively move to twist the rope, of course, it is also included in arms training. Not only that, but the abdominal muscles will also be trained to keep the posture upright so that flat stomach can also be achieved if the jump rope is done properly.

– Stronger Legs
Feeling the legs start to not tighten and have more fat? Just jump rope! In fact, this type of exercise is very effective to form tight and strong legs. Because, when jumping leg rope will be the most active and moving. That is, in this sport almost all parts of the legs start from the calves, thighs until the buttocks will be trained.