Do this method to save money

Do not buy anything that is sudden or outside the monthly expenditure post, moreover not ‘mandatory’. Spending money on items that are not important because the temptation of ‘warehouse washing sale’ is part of the waste. Do not make decisions that lead to regret. If you need help or tips to save money, you can visit Finansis.

– Pay Cash, Avoid Unnecessary Debt
The positive impact of the presence of a credit card is that there is no need to carry a lot of money when shopping. However, the negative impact on the owner of the card is accumulated debt due to uncontrolled usage. To be financially safe free from credit card viruses, it’s better not to put it in your wallet and pay for everything in cash.

– Consider buying used goods
Are you often tempted to buy certain items that are not part of the expenditure post? It’s okay, but consider buying goods in used conditions rather than new. The price of second-hand goods is much cheaper and affordable, the quality problem depends on the accuracy of prospective buyers when making decisions.

– Fight Bad Habits That Make You Wasteful
Everyone must have bad habits, but there are also those that have a negative impact on finance. Try to understand and get to know yourself, do you have bad habits that are harmful like a hobby hanging out in a cafe or fond of buying snacks. If you succeed in fighting bad habits, saving lives is not just nonsense.

– Cut Transportation Costs for Efficiency
As is known, transportation costs are one of the highest expenditure posts. If you want to save everything, consider going to the office to ride a bicycle or get used to children walking to school. If the need for motorized vehicles cannot be compromised, it is better to ride a motorcycle than a car.

– Take care of your health, pain is expensive!
Maintaining a healthy body is very important so that it is not easy to fall ill, especially the costs that can be spent can drain the wallet and savings book. Therefore, diligently exercise, drink and eat regularly. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Continue to be healthy, help prevent extra expenses for medicine and hospital fees.