How to Overcome Alcohol Addiction

Overcoming alcoholism must be followed by a detoxification process, namely the process of removing toxins that accumulate in the body. To be effective, the process must be supported by lifestyle changes. It would be better for choosing alcohol rehab centers since they will help the addict gets the healing with the proper and safe way. However, you can also try DIY detoxification of alcohol.


Detoxification is only complementary, because the effort to overcome addiction must begin with the intention of the addict himself. Whatever the way it will not work if the concerned one is not 100 percent stable. If the determination is round, the detoxification process is done by replacing body fluids or rehydration. In this process, water will shed toxins and impurities in the body. the process will be effective if accompanied by lifestyle changes. Some of them are as follows.

Drink more water

To clean the poison of alcohol, one must add to the consumption of search for 2-3 liters / day because the cells in the body need fluids to function properly. When detoxing, enough fluids will greatly help the immune system. The liquid will also expel the disposal of poisons including the remaining alcohol from the body.

Eat fresh vegetables and fruit

Beet juice is believed to be effective in cleansing the liver, while carrot juice can strengthen the immune system. To support the detoxification process, combine beet juice, carrots and apples. Cranberry juice can also be added, because it can purify the body of impurities.

Take herbs and supplements

Some types of herbs or plants and supplements containing vitamin B can help reduce physical and psychological tension that arises during the process of alcohol detoxification. Consult with a doctor or herbal consultant, what supplements are suitable for each individual’s condition.


The detoxification process can trigger depression, which can be relieved by doing yoga or other sports regularly. Because a lot of potassium is released with sweat, offset by consuming more fruits and vegetables. Bananas, melons, tomatoes, citrus fruits and green vegetables contain a lot of potassium.