Determining AC Capacity According to the Power of Your Home

One of the things to consider when you want to install an air conditioner or air conditioner at home is to adjust the electrical power in a home with AC capacity. Do not let the electrical power condition of your home turns out to not be able to withdraw electricity for the use of air conditioning because it means purchasing your new air conditioner instead becomes useless. Apart from that, you may need to visit when you need to hire professional AC repair experts.

Then, how do you determine the AC capacity according to the electrical power at home?

In general, the electricity needs of AC type capacity include:

AC 1/2 PK: AC Standard 400 watts
AC 3/4 PK: AC Standard 600 watts
AC 1 PK: 800 watt AC Standard
AC 1.5 PK AC Standard 1170 watts
AC 2 PK: AC Standard 1920 watts
AC 2.5 PK: AC Standard 2570 watts

AC 1/2 PK: low watt AC 320 watts
AC 3/4 PK: AC low watt 530 watts
AC 1 PK: AC low watt 660 watts

AC 1 PK: AC Inverter 225-920 watts
AC 1.5 PK AC 270-1070 watt Inverter
AC 2 PK: AC Inverter 300-1710 watts
AC 2.5 PK: AC Inverter 350-2220 watts

It is also important to know how much electricity is available in your home. Generally, PLN only provides a number of options for standard Electric Power, namely 220VA (1A), 450VA (2A), 900VA (4A), 1300VA (6A), 2200VA (10A), 3500VA (16A), 4400VA (20A), 5500VA (25A) and so on.

Well, you just need to match the total amount of electricity your home has with the AC needs. However, of course, you also have to calculate the consumption of other electronic items at home, for example:

1 unit 32 LED TV 55 Watt 1 unit Refrigerator 128 Watt 1 unit Washing Machine 300 Watt 1 unit Rice Cooker 400 Watt 1 unit Fan 60 Watt 8 lamp seeds @ 18 Watt 144 WattsTotal1,087 Watts.