This is the reason why men cheat

Infidelity is certainly not a surprising thing if it is known. Many people finally choose to get divorced because their partners have an affair. Before that happens, it’s good for you to use the right investigator services. You can use the services of a private investigator columbia sc before the affair occurs. They have people with the right experience and have the investigative tools you need.

With their help, you can avoid the infidelity that can happen to your relationship. Usually, infidelity occurs because of several causes. Especially for men, the biggest cause is because the person looks more attractive. More than 80 percent admitted having an affair, not with a woman who was more physically attractive than his wife. The main reason men have an affair is not that they want to have sex with a woman who is sexier, but more because of the loss of emotional closeness with his wife.
About 48 percent of men admit that they want to be appreciated by their wives because of their hard work.