Ways to Not Return to Drinking Alcohol

When you have stopped drinking alcohol, there are times when you will again be tempted to drink alcohol again. It could be the temptation to drink alcohol coming from your friends, it could also be from where you eat which happens to hold alcoholic beverages, or it could also come from yourself. In order not to go back to drinking alcohol, in addition to rehabilitation and consulting a doctor, you must have a commitment in yourself to truly stop and will no longer be tempted to drink alcohol. You can also visit serenityrecoverydetox.com and we will help you stop completely from consuming alcohol.


1. Make a plan to control yourself
Even if you decide to stop drinking alcohol, social pressure from friends to keep drinking can make it difficult for you to prevent it or actually stop. So you still have to be in control, know how to prevent the offer. If you already know how to deal with offers to drink alcohol, you will remain in control and will know how to deal with the pressure to drink alcohol at a later time.

2. Know the two types of temptations to drink alcohol
You must know and be aware of the two types of temptation to drink alcohol, precisely in social pressure directly or indirectly.

– Direct social pressure is when someone offers you alcoholic drinks or an opportunity to drink alcohol.
– Indirect social pressure is when you feel tempted to drink alcohol just because you are with your friends who drink alcohol, even if no one offers you to drink alcohol.

3. Avoid the temptation to drink alcohol when possible
For some situations, your best strategy might be to avoid temptation altogether. If you feel guilty about avoiding or canceling appointments to meet your friends (where there is a possibility of a big temptation to drink alcohol), you can change the location to hang out in a place that does not sell alcohol. You can still make your friendship by doing other activities that do not involve or present alcohol.