Better Physical Detoxification Methods

November 24, 2018

According to the Serenity Recovery Center, detoxification in daily life can be likened to ‘warehouse washing’. The target of washing here is the intestine as a digestive tract and sewer. Why is the intestine? Because, all body tissues get food from the work of the intestine, which uses blood as the delivery messenger. The intestine then becomes the drainage channel. Then, how do you do detoxification by yourself? In the book Juice Fasting and Detoxification, Steve Meyerowitz reveals, fasting is a safe and effective detoxification method. When fasting, poisons, pulp, cells die, a tissue is damaged, and excess accumulated fat will be burned and forced out of the body. When the body’s “rubbish” comes out, the body’s cells are automatically given the opportunity to rejuvenate themselves after so long working hard. In addition to fasting, you can also detoxify by consuming juice. If you do not have a particular disease, Rina suggests, consumption of juice is done at least once a month for 3 or 4 days. If it feels heavy, once every 3 months is good enough.

After detoxification, you might feel like a new person. Because your body’s cells are now younger and healthier. Even weight can be reduced because water and minerals (especially sodium and potassium) have come out of the body. If done regularly, detoxification can also strengthen the body’s resistance to various diseases. When detoxing, don’t be surprised if you experience unpleasant symptoms. If you often get headaches, your headache feels even more painful. Or, if you are easily hungry, you will also find it easier to feel hungry. In addition, breathing may be unpleasant, body odor, sweating, and weakness due to decreased blood sugar. Some people even experience skin rashes. Undergoing detoxification is not an easy thing. You need to choose the right time. It is best not when you are busy with work, because your emotional state may be unstable. It would be better if you take a special leave to undergo detoxification.

There is nothing wrong with doing pre-detox training to help the body prepare mentally and physically. For example, do not immediately detoxify for 3 consecutive days. Try alternating. Today is detox, tomorrow is not, and the day after detox again. Thus, the body and digestive system will get used to changes from solid food to liquid form. Perform this pre-detoxification exercise for 3 weeks.